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We are attending the The 1st Annual Bio-Stimulant World Congress!!!We are attending the The 1st Annual Bio-Stimulant World Congress!!!

The 1st World Congress on the use of Biostimulants in Agriculture is an international scientific and technical conference to review the latest knowledge on these products, which are increasingly used in crop production around the world. A panel of prestigious international speakers will discuss the impact of Biostimulants on Plant Nutrition, Abiotic Stresses, Plant Disease Responses, Plant Growth and Development, as well as the various aspects of legislation on these products in the main markets, with a special focus on Europe.

A paper in the opening session will be devoted to the world market for these products.

Conference papers will be devoted to:

Biostimulants and Plant Nutrition
Biostimulants and Abiotic Stresses
Biostimulants and Plant Diseases Responses
Biostimulants and Plant Growth & Development
Biostimulants and Legislation

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