Application Instructions

Directions for Use:

Fast2Grow® can be used independently for foliar and soil application, or combined with herbicides, insecticides, or fungicides in tank mixtures. Apply Fast2Grow® directly to plant foliage as a spray solution, sprinkler, or drip irrigation systems. Foliar application of Fast2Grow® is at typical dilution rates of 1:100. When tank-mixing with other products, the tank mixture must be applied at the rate recommended on the other product(s) label but still keeping the rate of 32 fl. oz. of Fast2Grow® per acre.

1. Test the soil, if possible, to determine deficiencies or imbalances prior to use.
2. Apply Fast2Grow® directly to plant foliage when plants are actively growing. Use recommended application rates.
3. Use with a balanced, well-managed fertilizer regimen.

Ornamentals and Houseplants:

Dilution breakdown:
1.5 teaspoon of Fast2Grow®: 1 quart of water
1.5 ounces of Fast2Grow®: 1 gallon of water
16 ounces of Fast2Grow®: 12.5 gallons of water