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Fast2Grow® is a powerful poultry manure-derived Auxiliary Fertilizer.

Fast2Grow® is produced through a proprietary, high-temperature fermentation process that enriches plant-growth enhancing microorganisms, micro nutrients, trace bioactive compounds, and has an effect like naturally occurring phytohormones. This high-performance product will serve as an essential supplement to the traditional plant nutrition programs for your farm, garden, nursery, or landscaping business. Fast2Grow® will boost growth and development of many different crop varieties and cultivars in diverse growing conditions.


What are Auxiliary Fertilizers?

The term Auxiliary fertilizer is defined as a substance that is neither a plant food nor a pesticide, but has a positive impact on plant health. Auxiliary Fertilizer is an organic material that, when applied in small quantities, enhances plant growth and development such that the response cannot be attributed to application of traditional plant nutrients.

Auxiliary Fertilizers have been shown to influence several metabolic processes such as respiration, photosynthesis, nucleaic acid synthesis and ion uptake. They are not fertilizers meant to correct a severe nutrient deficiency, but are mixtures of one or more things such as microorganisms, trace elements, enzymes, phytohormones, and seaweed extracts. They may enhance nutrient availability, water-holding capacity, increase antioxidants, enhance metabolism and increase chlorophyll production.

Auxiliary Fertilizers  do not act directly against pests.  They complement plant protection products (PPP’s) enabling plants to make optimal use of these conventional inputs.



"This product will have a lasting effect on your garden or pasture soil. Thought it to be great adjunct to home garden products and very helpful to better garden production. The Master Gardeners Association would love this product."

Mary Sanders (NHGC Member)

"I would recommend this product because of the good results. Although it took a while to see the results, when the plants grew, they truly looked stronger, greener and there was more foliage! The leaves on existing plants became greener and stronger while the new foliage grew faster and larger than before" 

                                                      Brenda Carter (NHGC Member)

"I have been using SuperThrive for years. Not only does Fast2grow work better, it’s a whole lot cheaper. I used it on plant cuttings first and they seemed to root faster. When applied to plant foliage, I could see a change within 24 hours"

Kathryn Freund (NHGC Member)

"Fast2Grow does precisely what it says, it helps to grow your plants faster. The results are amazing. I only wish I had received at the beginning of the growing season. I actually thought this was the best fertilizer I have ever used. I normally swear by MiracleGrow, but WOW, this stuff is awesome…"

Paul Barry (NHGC Member)

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Who are Fast2Grow®?

We are an American agro-company that is manufacturing a novel plant Auxiliary Fertilizer, Fast2Grow®, for use in both large and small agriculture and horticulture operations.

Based in east Texas, we specialize in bioconversion of poultry manure into a product that is both eco-friendly and extremely effective at boosting yield and plant quality in many different crops and under diverse growing conditions.

Fast2Grow® is produced through a proprietary, high-temperature fermentation process that enriches for plant-growth enhancing microorganisms, builds up micro nutrients, phytohormones, and trace bioactive compounds.

 Unlike other products that are produced from harvested rare plant materials, we manufacture Fast2Grow® from readily available poultry manure.

Our process creates an environmentally friendly and sustainable product while at the same time provides us with the opportunity to meet the quantity requirements of both the small grower and the very biggest farm operations. Fast2Grow® is developed to maximize crop potential and is meant to complement your existing crop nutrition and crop protection plan; we are certified by OMRI for use in organic farming. Our mission is simple: to provide you with a low cost Fertilizer that will give you a better crop health, superior crop growth, and the best possible crop yield.

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Thank you for your interest in Fast2Grow®. We are a rapidly growing company that is on the lookout for motivated individuals and business partners who are passionate about sustainable agriculture and in commercializing Auxiliary Fertilizers both in US and abroad. If you or your company would like to get involved in the Plant Revolution – contact us to for more information, specific test results for different crops, to receive pricing proposals, and to learn more about available distribution territories.


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